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Neoil Energy has a multidisciplinary team with more than 35 years of experience with a high technical level for a comprehensive evaluation of the exploration and production process.

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  • Neoil Energy issues certified asset valuations through comprehensive subsurface interpretation, which conform to the standards of internationally recognized industry classification systems (NI 51-101, SPE PRMS, GB/T 19492-2020, SEC Regulations SK and SX). 

  • We have qualified professionals with experience in the generation of Competent Persons Reports (CPRs) and, in addition, we can advise you on a complete series of upstream services.

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Reserve evaluation

  • Calculation of recoverable and commercial volumes.

  • Calculation of proven, probable and possible reserves.

  • Production profiles.

  • Hydrocarbon generation and accumulation models.

  • Field exploration and development risks.

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Reserve Audit

  • Valuations of existing reserve estimates.

  • Inspection of the use of applied standards.

  • Evaluation of technical and commercial aspects of the classification of reserves.

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Resource assessment

  • Evaluation of the value of an asset.

  • Calculate recoverable volumes.

  • Potential revenue projections.

  • Evaluation of the probability of commercial success.

  • Identification of new areas to be developed and potential adjacent fields (near fields).

Competent person report

  • Impartial valuation of oil and gas assets.

  • Identification of geological and commercial risks.

  • Certification of reserves and prospective resources.

  • Determination of the different types of reserves.

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Geological and Geophysical Interpretation

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Static and dynamic models

  • Integrated interpretation of Geological and Geophysical data.

  • Definition of exploratory opportunities.

  • Categorise opportunities into plays, leads and prospects

  • Establish the petroleum system.

  • Estimate prospective resources and define geological risks.

  • Data quality control.

  • Structural model.

  • Petrophysical Analysis and Modeling.

  • Property Upscaling.

  • Depositional system analysis and Facies modelling.

  • Volume calculation (STOIIP).

  • Elaboration of Robust Dynamic Models

  • Fluid Model (Black Oil, Compositional, EOR).

  • Rock-Fluid model.

  • Initial Conditions.

  • History Matching.

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Exploration, development and characterization of deposits

Development plans

  • Preparation of the FDP (Full Development Plan).

  • Techno-economic reserves.

  • Development activities.

  • Production forecasts.

  • Critical factors for the execution of the development plan.

  • Recovery strategies and artificial lift. 

  • Abandonment program.

  • Guidance and assistance with due processes in order to obtain
    Permission for Exploitation

  • Completion of wells and workovers.

  • Reservoir characterization.

  • EOS modeling.

  • Pressure test interpretation.

  • Analysis of SCAL tests.

  • Historical adjustment and prediction of production from Material Balance.

  • Advice on improved recovery projects.

  • Optimization of injection and production processes.

  • Analytical simulation of immiscible injection processes.

  • Estimation and characterization of formation damage.

  • Preparation and evaluation of well completion projects and  Workovers.

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  • 2D/3D onshore processing.

  • 2D/3D offshore processing.

Seismic processing

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We support our clients in the development of projects from the economic technical pre-feasibility analysis and analysis of alternatives, to the development of conceptual, basic and detailed engineering.

Specialties in all areas

Process Specialty

Documents, listings, simulations, operating philosophies, hydraulic calculation memories, pumps and compressors, valves, equipment, security systems (PSV PVV, KOD, Tea), block diagrams, P&iSDs plans, PFDs of main and auxiliary systems. Safety workshops (HAZOP) and constructability.

Mechanical Specialty

Calculation reports for rotating and static equipment, data sheets, specifications, detailed plans for vessels and tanks.

Electrical Specialty

Calculation memories, data sheets and equipment specifications, design of networks, substations, CCMs, shielding systems, lighting, grounding meshes, planimetry of banks of ducts and cable trays, single-wire, among others.

Instrumentation and Control Specialty

Control and communications philosophies, calculation memory, instrumentation data sheets, control architecture, connection diagrams, loop diagrams, typical assembly, among others.

Pipe Specialty

Plot plan, Key plan, isometrics, Typical, take off material, piping class, stress analysis.

Civilian Specialty

Structural calculation reports, building design, roads, equipment bases, bridges, geotechnics, drainage systems, detailed plans, among others.

Construction, assembly of equipment and implementation of plants

With our strategic allies we develop construction projects:

  • Mechanics:piping, electro-mechanical assembly of equipment, construction of pressure tanks and atmospheric tanks, metallic structures.

  • Electrical mounting:wiring and connections, grounding meshes, shielding, networks, substations.

  • Civil works:equipment bases, duct banks, drainage systems, buildings and structures. We carry out project management and execute EPC Projects (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) including the commissioning and start-up of the systems.

Supply of materials, equipment and instrumentation

With the support of our strategic allies, we supply different equipment required by our clients:​

  • Water treatment plants with the latest technology (skimming tank, flotation cells and walnut shell filters with dissolved microbubble).

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers, dry coolers.

  • Construction of atmospheric tanks and pressure vessels with ASME stamping.

  • Supply of Instrumentation and process control, mechanical materials (piping and accessories) and electrical materials (boards, motors and accessories).

Additional services

  • Trainings and Workshops.

  • Reliability and Maintenance Engineering.

  • Integrity and Corrosion Engineering.

  • Cathodic Protection Systems.

  • Assistance and Support in Hydrocarbon Production (Light and Heavy Crude Fields and Gas Fields).

Field Engineering

  • We carry out information surveys, operational analysis of surface facilities, production and treatment plants, identification of operational problems and detection of business opportunities and operational improvements.


  • We supply personnel to support, from the point of design and engineering, the construction and the assembly of equipment. We update the engineering information after construction, we prepare redlines and asbuilt plans of the facilities.

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