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Remote Sensing (InSAR)

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Neoil provides remote measurements through the processing of satellite radar images, to detect deformations (subsidence and/or uplift) and other movements of the subsoil and infrastructures in large areas at millimeter scales, which help mitigate environmental risks and improve the operational success. Our solutions provide accurate information on the extent, magnitude and evolution of surface deformation in real time.

  • Measurement of soil deformation in large areas.

  • Integrated monitoring anywhere in the world and in real time.

  • Historical analysis and timing of deformation.

  • Risk evaluation.

  • High resolution optical images and topographic survey.

  • Integration of geotechnical data.

  • Geotechnical consultancy for risk mitigation.

  • Optimization in resource management.

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SAR interferometry

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Historical evaluations

  • Historical deformation data.

  • Deformation analysis over time.

  • Acceleration phases.

  • Identification of anomalous instabilities over time.

Continuous monitoring

  • 3D Geovisor for real-time visualization and monitoring of assets.

  • Track slow movements over time.

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual data updates.

  • Recommendations for long-term risk prevention.

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Geotechnical analysis

  • Geotechnical-mining consultancy.

  • Automation of processes in areas susceptible to movements and variations of the terrain.

  • Strengthening of resource management.

  • Long-term risk mitigation.

Base line

  • Surface deformation measurement.

  • Deformation time series.

  • Surface deformation maps.

  • Acquisition methods.

  • Identification of potential risks.

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