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Carbon Capture Storage (CSS)

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Neoil offers strategic advice to help you manage the carbon of your operations. We have the technical knowledge to identify, evaluate and monitor storage sites and optimize the safe injection of CO2 into geological formations. Our extensive experience in the energy value chain provides key insights into the CCS cycle to achieve emissions reductions and the development of long-term sustainable energy asset measures.

We help you to understand the carbon footprint of your company, to reduce the uncertainty of the subsoil and to select the best safe CO2 storage sites to make the right decisions.

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Site characterization

Our multidisciplinary team applies a detailed characterization of the parameters of great importance such as: porosity and permeability that allow the injection of CO2, the quality of the cap rock, the wettability of the reservoir and the trapping mechanisms, which provide a complete perspective of the reservoir, potential flight risks and economic factors of CCS development.

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Local regulations

According to local carbon regulations, we design technical and strategic proposals for the implementation of CCS systems. Neoil advises you in compliance with the legal process and offers you a storage classification based on the SPE SRMS or UNFC system.

Storage Resource Assessment

Our experience in reservoir modeling provides the tools for an efficient evaluation of the capacity of storage resources and the estimation of the risks of long-term CO2 containment.

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Long-term storage safety requires monitoring during CO2 injection and post-injection, which is why we offer you technical advice for the development of control plans that guarantee quality and optimization of storage.

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Regional assessment

We conducted an initial assessment to identify regional storage opportunities, based on specific geological properties and characteristics of reservoir capacity, injectivity, and quality, which allows us to produce reliable studies of the potential for safe CO2 storage at the regional level.

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