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Applied Geosciences

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At Neoil we know the importance of the proper use and management of natural resources, which is why we provide integrated solutions based on science to applied problems in geophysics, hydrogeology, geomatics and structural geology. We help our clients better understand the subsurface to make more informed decisions and optimize their field operations.


Our service in geosciences; will allow you to model, analyze and evaluate natural resources (water and mineral deposits); as well as weather and environmental phenomena.



Neoil has the experience to provide our clients with service solutions at each stage of the mining cycle, from the feasibility of starting or continuing the development of a mine, both open pit and underground, to the management and economic valuation of mining projects. . We help our clients gain deeper insight into the ore body, reduce risk and increase insight to improve mine life. We carry out exploration studies to predict and verify the existence of economically profitable mineral deposits and we also provide satellite monitoring programs to improve the safety of your mining operations.

  • Legal technical assistance.

  • Consulting during the exploration and exploitation process.

  • Topographic control of mining exploitation.

  • Topographic control of earthworks.

  • Technical-legal diagnosis of mining projects.

  • Preparation of Work and Works Programs (PTO).

  • Preparation of Basic Mining Formats (FBM).

  • Mining pre-feasibility studies.

  • Mining feasibility studies.

  • Management of mining exploitations.

  • Detailed topographic surveys in open pit and underground mining.

  • Improvement of productivity and mining competitiveness.

  • Open pit mining planning and design.

  • Underground mining planning and design.

  • Mining business plans

  • Economic valuation of mining projects.

  • Satellite monitoring



Our hydrogeology services will allow you to physically and chemically characterize groundwater, as well as the recharge and discharge dynamics of aquifers. We also develop environmental impact assessments on water resources and regional studies in order to help our clients better understand the nature and behavior of groundwater systems.

  • Conceptual hydrogeological modeling

  • Determination of recharge areas

  • Characterization of aquifers

  • Groundwater Well Inspection

  • Study of underground watersheds

  • Isotope hydrology and groundwater quality

  • Environmental management plans for aquifers, PMAA.

  • Geochemical evaluation, prediction and mitigation of metal leaching / acid rock drainage.

  • Groundwater prospecting.

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Surface Geology

Geological information is the basis on which the development of society is built, as a starting point for planning and ordering of the territory, since it provides information on the potential of mineral resources, groundwater, natural risks (landslides, volcanic eruptions , earthquakes, floods), energy resources and civil works. Neoil has a multidisciplinary team that will support it in the analysis and development of exploration, exploitation and risk management projects.

  • Surface and underground geological mapping

  • Geomorphological cartography

  • Mineralogical and petrographic characterization

  • Prospecting for natural resources

  • Structural geology

  • Exploration project management

  • 3D Geological Modeling

  • Modeling and Estimation of Resources and Reserves

  • Geochemical Sampling for Multipurpose or Specific Purposes

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