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Data management

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Manage your strategic assets efficiently and securely ensure the accessibility and integrity of your oil and gas data.

Neoil provides tailored data management solutions to optimize management across the entire upstream chain: oil well, logging, production, seismic and surface.

We are committed to increasing the accuracy of data loading in E&P interpretation software projects. Our team performs geophysical and geological data loading, we also provide data management, cleanup, conversion and consolidation of oil and gas projects.

  • Data management for seismic analysis and interpretation.

  • Oil and gas data management.

  • Petroleum data management for multiple domains.

  • Big data storage.

  • NEOIL Data Management Desktop application.

Data Mang


We help develop a data management strategy that suits your business. We know the importance of giving you efficient access to integrated data streams so that all of your exploration, drilling and production decisions are well-informed and up-to-date.

Data loading and validation

We load seismic, well, and production data into a variety of E&P interpretation software platforms and provide results with data quality assurance. Our team maximizes the extraction of deep information from any oil and gas data for your company's business decisions.

Customized solutions

Evaluate your assets with quality data, we offer customized and scalable solutions to clean, map, store and label data volumes of any kind, managing to enrich the value of your data with the highest reliability. We build geodatabases according to your needs and deliver the information according to the standards required by your company.

Data transfer and integration

We integrate oil and gas data from multiple sources and make the information available in various formats. We guarantee a fast and easily accessible transmission service from the NEOIL Data Management Desktop application.

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