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Renewable Energy

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Neoil is committed to the energy transition, which is why we are convinced that a diverse energy matrix is the best way to find a balance between the energy transition, reduction of emissions, energy security and economic balance. 

We offer a wide variety of services associated with renewable energy sources.

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Neoil provides an understanding of the subsurface to identify geothermal prospects and manage risk with integrated geoscientific information from our world experience. 

We provide advice on the geothermal challenges of the exploration, exploitation and development process in any place where there is a high demand for renewable energy, to optimize and reduce the risk of your operations.

We are actively exploring the development of the international geothermal market to offer you the best opportunities to generate alternative energy competitively and reduce your carbon footprint in accordance with net zero emissions targets.

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Consulting and Due Diligence

We provide operational and commercial advice to investors and any company to achieve the geothermal development required according to the needs of the client and specific technical Due diligence in prospective project decisions.

Projects management

Our extensive experience allows us to offer you optimal management and strategic coordination in all stages of the geothermal project, we support you from the development strategy and design to the production of geothermal energy.

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Data analysis and geothermal exploration

Our team helps identify available geothermal resources and lower the risks of exploring for new resources with our global geoscientific data.

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Resource evaluation

Manage your geothermal resources with reliable resource modeling and estimation, from geological and geophysical data integrated with technologies dedicated to geothermal development.

Reservoir characterization

Identify active geothermal systems and the commercial potential of your reservoir prospects, through integrated interpretation of seismic data and well logs combined with geoscientific data.

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Solar Energy

For Neoil, it is important to take advantage of solar energy as the most abundant renewable resource. We have experience in designing the installation of quality solar energy systems in any environmental condition. Our service includes management of photovoltaic solar energy projects and energy efficiency using Renewable Energies, in turn we provide advice on technical regulations, PPAA and Energy Transition for the Oil & Gas industry and industry in general.

We provide clean and competitive energy to our clients through solar generation projects, geographically diversified and developed based on good practices and innovative business models.

Design, supply and installation of photovoltaic systems, isolated, hybrid and connected to the network

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Maintenance and repair of photovoltaic systems

Advice for the implementation of photovoltaic systems

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Procedures tax benefits

EPC turnkey projects

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Power purchase agreement

Solar Farms

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