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Identification of new exploratory opportunities of the Cretaceous sequence...

Neoil Energy is developing a project together with the research group Gmas and the Colombian Association of Petroleum Geologists and Geophysicists to identify new exploratory opportunities of the Cretaceous sequence in the Eastern Plains basin of Colombia platform zone, through the MinCiencias 877-2020 call for financing of research projects in geosciences for the hydrocarbon sector, executed with economic contributions from ANH.

This project seeks to update knowledge to expand the hydrocarbon accumulation potential of the Cretaceous through an integrated G&G and geochemistry study that includes various fields such as seismic interpretation, stratigraphy, petrophysics, seismic stratigraphy, definition of sedimentary environments, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, geochemical modeling and thermal evolution.

It is expected that this study will offer new information on how to focus exploration to identify new opportunities for stratigraphic and structural traps related to intervals of the Colombian Cretaceous stratigraphic sequence in the Llanos basin, allowing for a better understanding of the behavior of the petroleum system and the still unidentified potential that the Cretaceous has as a hydrocarbon reservoir.

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